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Card game app to be integrated with Google Glass

There might not be any announcements for a full game based on Google Glass yet, but at least the first few steps there have already been taken. That’s because Korean-based Android game app developer GAMEVIL plans to integrate one of their game apps to the upcoming wearable tech.


The game that the company plans to integrate with Google Glass is Steel Commanders, one of their newest game apps. Though technically described as an integration, the short announcement simply made mention of added options that would enhance the game’s live features. For example, they plan on integrating the game’s push alarm reception/notification system on Google Glass, allowing the wearer to always receive live updates on battles, quests, messages, and other player-based information directly.

According to the source report, the plan was a strategic move by the game app company to seize the possible gaming market that is predicted to appear with the eventual combination of such wearable tech and mobile game applications. In fact, they have already acquired Google’s Mirror API for Google Glass as it became publicly available last April 2013, which indirectly confirms their plan to place themselves at the forefront of such new gaming frontier as soon as possible.

Steel Commanders is a game app that is based on a virtual card game engine. Elements presented in the game simulates technology-based “Mechanical Warfare” battles, with each card providing players with new options and strategies to either battle AI foes, or go head-to-head with other players online.

Source: 4Gamer (JP)

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