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Capcom announces Street Fighter X Mega Man

Capcom celebrates Mega Man's 25th birthday on Dec. 17, 2012 with a free PC download that infuses the Street Fighter franchise into the retro 2-D sidescroller.

In celebration of Mega Man's 25th anniversary, Capcom has planned a hilarious and fantastic cross-over that pits the characters of Street Fighter right into the signature 2-D sidescrolling action of every Mega Man game.

The newly released announcement trailer from Capcom Unity's YouTube channel shows off actual in-game footage of Street Fighter X Mega Man, featuring old-school retro NES bit-styled awesomeness that every fan of the series who grew up playing the infamously hard games will love.

Rather than being an all-out fighting game, Street Fighter X Mega Man introduces fan favorites from the franchise into the 2-D world of Mega Man as end-level bosses, and will feature the same layout and style as the early Mega Man games.

The upcoming release will be available for FREE on Dec. 17, 2012 for PC. For more information please visit Capcom Unity's official website.

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