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Can’t wait for the iPhone 5? Get the hiPhone 5 instead

Sometimes, you just got to love China for coming out with gadgets such as this. Apparently, OEMs over there are fully aware of the fact that there are users out there who will pay good money for lookalikes of popular or upcoming products, and the iPhone 5 no exception. That being said, can we interest you in a very realistic-looking hiPhone 5 to satisfy your iOS urges?

If it looks and feels like the real thing, that it has got to be the real thing, no questions asked, right? Apparently, that was what the OEM of this interesting smartphone had in mind when it rolled out its hiPhone 5 smartphone, which reportedly has the dubious honour of being one of the more realistic iPhone 5 knockoffs, in spite of the latter having yet to see the light of day on retail shelves.

According to a report published by Shanzai.com, the new hiPhone 5, which is currently available for sale on Taobao at the retail price of 850 yuan (approximately US$133), is said to be built off dimensions and designs that have somehow managed to leak out from the Cupertino giant's iron-clad curtain of secrecy. And apparently, the OEM responsible for producing the hiPhone apparently did a decent job in the process, as reports have claimed that the hiPhone 5 does indeed appear thinner than an iPhone 4 and features less rounded edges. In addition, the hiPhone 5 is available in a variety of colours such as black, white, red and even pink. 

Unfortunately, no information about the hiPhone 5's technical specifications have been released at this point of time, although the image above seems to suggest that the bundled operating system has been extensively skinned to mimic the iOS user interface.

That being said, the fact that the hiPhone 5 is nothing more than an elaborate Chinese clone means that it is not going to give out those 'HiHi' vibes that a real Apple product boasts, but hey, at least it is cheap.

Source: Shanzai.com

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