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Can’t Play or Download Explicit Songs on Apple Music? Try This Fix!

Following the release of iOS 12, many users including myself found that they were unable to play or download explicit songs on Apple Music and iTunes. Popular music like Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ couldn’t be downloaded for all of Apple’s iPhone users who updated their OS. Users would be prompted by a content restriction pop-up which led them to settings. After much fiddling with various settings, the music still will not be able to be played.

The good thing is there is a simple fix and it just requires you to open Apple Podcasts which is already preinstalled if you haven’t deleted it. If you did, simply open your app store and download the app. Open the app and you’ll then get a prompt that asks you if you want to enable explicit content, press yes and you can delete Podcasts again because your problem is now solved!


Go back to Music and you’ll find that the once greyed out explicit songs are in the normal black text and you can play and download them!

While this issue is pretty annoying this fast fix will make everything better. Do you know any other common problems that came with the introduction of iOS 12? Let us know!

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