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Canon announces new LV-8320 LCD multimedia projector

Canon LV8320

Canon Singapore had announced their latest multimedia projector, LV-8320, designed for professionals who want to do presentations on the go. Weighing 3.4kg, the LV-8320 claims to offer accurate images even under bright conditions, and features 1280×800 WXGA resolution, 3,000 lumens brightness and 2,000:1 contrast ratio.

Canon has unveiled the new LV-8320 LCD multimedia projector that features 1280×800 WXGA resolution, 3,000 lumens brightness and 2000:1 contrast ratio. Weighing only 3.4kg, it is ideal for professionals who need to do presentations on the go. The projector can project up to 1280 x 800 (WXGA) resolution and is compatible with modern widescreen laptops without the need to adjust. At 3000 lumens, projected images are vivid even under bright environments.

It also incorporates Intelligent Lamp Dimming System that adjusts the lamp’s power output to suit the brightness of the image, hence reducing power consumption by a significant 69%. The projector can also adjust the color to maintain color balance at various brightness levels. The lamp has a long lifespan of up to 5,000 hours in Eco mode, and an air filter that can last 5,500 hours. 

Users will be able to combine two projections within a single screen, increasing convenience for presenters and adding interest to presentations. Users can either choose ‘picture in picture’ or ‘picture by picture’. The function also allows users to refer to, for example, a video or document, without switching out from their presentation.

The projector is also packed with convenient input capabilities including HDMI, DVI, VGA and S-video. With the Auto Input Search, the LV-8320 can automatically identify input signals without the need to manually switch source input. A built-in 10W speaker provides amplified audio where needed. The projector comes with Auto Keystone Correction that can detect the projector’s tilt and correct distorted images.

The LV-8320 will be available from 16 September at authorized Canon dealers at the recommended retail price of S$1,599.

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