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You Can Now Pay For Public Transport with Wearables

On Thursday, EZ-Link had announced that commuters can finally pay for their bus and train rides in Singapore with their wearables. In collaboration with Watchdata Technologies and Garmin, Singapore will be the very first country in South-east Asia to allow for the public to pay for public transport with their wrist-based wearables.

Alongside Watchdata Technologies, EZ-Link will be launching the Batman v Superman Fitness Tracker X EZ-Link, and it will act as both a smart fitness band and an ez-link card. It will only be retailing for S$42.80 from Jan 24 onwards, exclusively on My EZ-Link Online Shop.

Gaming, a renowned Kansas-based navigational device maker and wearables powerhouse will also be working with EZ-Link to launch the Garmin vívosmart HR with EZ-Link capabilities. This tracker will sport a heart-rate monitor, and also allow users to receive notifications on WhatsApp messages and even Facebook posts so that they do not have to constantly whip out their phones to do so. This device will be retailing at a slightly more expensive price of S$259 and will only sell at major retailers from end March.

Is this a move towards a cashless society here in Singapore? Without a doubt it will be a step forward, but Singapore appears to be quite a cash-dominant society for now, with many of the elder generations having yet to fully embrace modern technology.

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