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You Can Now Make Financial Trades In VR With A Swiss Bank

When you think of a Swiss bank, you tend to have a very traditional image. A large vault deep underground, a fussy old man in a nice suit. Today, however, there has been another breakthrough in VR technology, and a Swiss back is behind it. Swissquote, which already bucks trends by being fully online, has enabled trading with a VR headset.

Swissquote’s development

Image courtesy: FinanceFeeds

The news was announced via IBS Intelligence‘s blog yesterday 6 February. Details are not very clear however. There is mention of eye-tracking technology, provided by Fast Trade, and the use of VR ‘helmets.’ What this means could be anyone’s guess. Do they mean standard headsets like we have currently on the market? Or is this a move towards proprietary hardware? A quick search does not give any idea about who this eye-tracking partner is.

Image courtesy: ForexBrokerz.com

The report does however give an insight into what you can do with this new VR trading platform. Users enter a 360 degree trading environment, including stocks, major share indices and currency pairs. There you can do all the usual trading decisions one would usually make, but in a VR space. So far so gimmicky, but sounds like a good way of increasing interest in getting into financial trading. Clients who use the bank can also view all of their information in this VR environment. Again, this doesn’t sound revolutionary, but considering how annoying it can be to get the simplest of information about your finances sometimes, the appeal is there.

The future of trading

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So will we see a ground swell change in how we approach finanical trading? Maybe, but with so little information on hand it’s hard to tell what Swissquote are trying to achieve. Just take a look at this quote to IBS intelligence.

“Being at the forefront of technology is Swissquote’s signature and our new VR trading application is another illustration of our innovative capacity,” says Paolo Buzzi, CTO at Swissquote. “While it is true that the use of VR helmets is still marginal, building our application allows us to also perfect our existing applications on other devices, therefore accelerating our own technological evolution. In this way, the Fast Trade tool, initially developed for VR helmets, will eventually be usable for our Apple Watch application.”

Image courtesy: 7pictures.ch

VR is not the same as using a smart watch. Why is it even being suggested that working with VR will make it easier to develop a mobile application? However, this might just be bad journalism and not bad planning. Swissquote is not some muddle startup but a well established internet company with a sponsorhip deal for Manchester United. Maybe everything will be clearer in the coming months. At the very least, this could be a way to get gamers into trading.

Source: IBS intelligence


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