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Brian Krzanich

’I can guarantee Broadwell for holiday’

Intel’s CEO promises Broadwell in PCs for the end of the year, and not the fall.

Brian Krzanich

Speaking from the Maker Faire in San Mateo, California on Saturday, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich promised that Broadwell chips would be inside PCs sold during the holiday but not in time for back-to-school.

“I can guarantee for holiday, and not at the last second of holiday,” Krzanich said to Reuters. “Back to school – that’s a tight one. Back to school you have to really have it on-shelf in July, August. That’s going to be tough.”

Broadwell is a significant advancement for Intel, as it will be the first chip to use the Haswell architecture on a 14nm process node and will come with more graphics execution units on-chip. The reduced process node means that Broadwell chips will consume much less power thus have a much better battery life. Intel claims that Broadwell will improve battery life by 30 percent or more and will also allow notebooks to be fanless.

But for Intel, shipping Broadwell hasn’t been easy. Moving to the new process node has delayed production, and during Intel’s most recent earnings call Krzanich cited “defect density issue”, which meant that Intel wasn’t getting satisfactory yields — usable chips from a production run — as the reason for its delay.

Krzanich’s comment of Broadwell shipping in PCs during the holiday season of 2014 are more precise than previous comments made by Intel. Before the official timeline given by Intel was that the chip was due out in the “second half of 2014.”

More details are expected later this year, likely at Intel’s Developer Forum in September.

Source: Reuters

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