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Can a Smartphone Replace a Laptop? Meet the Spider Laptop for Samsung Galaxy SIII

Korea Telecom

While mobile devices such as the tablets and smartphones are gaining in numbers, they still lack the ease of use when it comes to content production. Korea Telecom has an idea how to bridge that gap – meet the Spider Laptop.

Even though the Intel Developer Forum 2012, which traditionally takes place in San Francisco hasn't even started yet, we learned all the major highlights from the event. Without any doubt, Windows 8 in all of its shapes and forms is engaging the somewhat stale PC community. However, can it hold it back?

There's no doubt that innovative products are coming for the Google Android operating system as well, and there are few products that aims to change the balance and put Google on top of Microsoft. One such product is KT's (Korea Telecom) Spider Laptop.

Designed for use with the Samsung Galaxy SIII, this product is an 11.6" laptop extension for the smartphone. Samsung Smartphone (KT and Samsung enjoy quite the 'special' relationship). This is probably the largest accessory which you can get for the Galaxy SIII smartphone, and we have our doubts about the real achievable productivity. You've guessed it right – 11.6" screen results in a 1366×768 pixel resolution, which should be just enough for the graphics capabilities built inside the phone. Samsung builds Galaxy SIII with two different processors; Samsung Exynos 4412 (ARM Mali-400 GPU) powers the world edition and Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 (Adreno 225) powers the US Edition.

The base of the laptop features a compact sized chiclet keyboard, USB 2.0, micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports. After connecting Galaxy SIII phone via the MHL protocol, the phone will charge from the 8000mAh battery and send signals to drive the display and keyboard. Should you decide to do so, you can even connect a mouse.

Naturally, this concept isn't new – it was pioneered by Motorola 'Lapdock' for its Tegra 2-powered Atrix smartphone (developed with extensive help from NVIDIA). Another take on the "Android meets Productivity" is the Padfone concept from ASUS (smartphone with a tablet enclosure and additional keyboard – Transformer-style), which arrived late on market… in too low of a volume to make a bigger impact. While ASUS may blame its luck on supply-constrained Qualcomm, Korea Telecom expects no major issues in availability of Samsung's Galaxy SIII, which sold in over 20 million units over the course of first 100 days.

Unlike Motorola's Lapdock, you can use the smartphone and the dock at the sametime, making the product more usable. Spider laptop should be usable even during after taking the call or texting. Texting though – on an 83-key chiclet keyboard will remove any inhibitions and turn you into a texting monster, should you opt to go that route.

If the KT keeps on developing this product and does not kill it with the next Galaxy, we might begin to see an interesting alternative to Windows 8.

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