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‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ hacked, Xbox One version to hit file-sharing sites soon

The Call Of Duty: Ghosts game disc for the Xbox One has been successfully dumped by hackers, and should make its way to torrent sites soon with many reporting its leaderboard has also been compromised.

CoD Ghosts

Infinity Ward’s Call Of Duty: Ghosts has been hacked, with several users on the Xbox 360 version indicating that the leaderboards have been tampered with. Users took to Reddit to say that there were a lot of modded lobbies that were affecting leaderboards scores.

The incident first came to light when a player noticed two players playing on the same side in one round, and in the next round, they were found on different teams, and had enabled all in-game perks.


Another incident involved the Xbox 360 leaderboards, in which the top 5,000 players were found to be consistently getting scores of 20,000 and higher. One user indicated that he got a score of 3,310,300 just be getting into a modded lobby, one in which everyone was getting high scores.


Websites dedicated to selling hacked lobbies with free XP were also found, and users who tried to contact the owner of the site were hit by DDOS attacks.

Meanwhile, a hacker by the name of c4eva posted on IRC that he was successfully able to dump the Xbox One game disc, which means that it should hit torrent sharing sites soon. Here is the IRC log mentioning the same:

[2013-11-16 12:39AM UTC] #fw first xbone disc dump completed! Ghosts 47Gb! XG4 cometh!
[2013-11-16 03:41AM UTC] #fw XG4=XboxGamedisc4 – Bluray Disc Type Identifier from PIC (Permanent Information and Control data zone) on the disc!
[2013-11-16 05:52AM UTC] #fw cod ghosts psn layer 0 start/end: 0x 00100000/00ad7f1e
[2013-11-16 05:52AM UTC] #fw (00ad7f1e-00100000) 1=9d7f1f sectors *0800=4ebf8f800 (21,138,831,360 bytes)
[2013-11-16 05:53AM UTC] #fw cod ghosts psn layer 1 start/end: 0x 015280e0/01effffe
[2013-11-16 05:53AM UTC] #fw (01effffe-015280e0) 1=9d7f1f sectors – same as layer 0 [2013-11-16 05:53AM UTC] #fw *0800=4ebf8f800 (21,138,831,360 bytes)
[2013-11-16 05:54AM UTC] #fw = Total Disc 42,277,662,720 bytes
[2013-11-16 05:58AM UTC] #fw the disc is made up of one metadata folder with some pics and one package1.xvc file of 41,285,020 KB length
[2013-11-16 06:00AM UTC] #fw yes!

In spite of all these incidents, there has been no official word from Activision that it is looking into the issues, or that they are actually monitoring online activity.

Source: Reddit, VideoGameScene

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