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Budget iPhone is called the iPhone 5C?

The iPhone 5 came snuggled inside a thick cardboard box, but what will the plastic iPhone be arriving in and what will it be dubbed as?


A picture of what seems like the packaging for the budget iPhone have surfaced, revealing that the budget iPhone may actually be called the iPhone 5C at launch.  The packaging (or parts of it) appears to be plastic in nature, and as you can see the “Apple” logo and “iPhone 5C” is plastered all over the curvaceous box.

No one is quite sure as to what is in store for would-be iPhone bargain hunters in terms of hardware spec, but some have speculated that the iPhone 5C might be exactly what the current iPhone 5 is except that it’s encased in plastic rather than aluminum.

For the color-coordinated crowd, the rumor mill has also churned out speculations that the plastic iPhone will also come in a variety of colors (more than just black and white).  Both the refreshed iPhone 5, the 5S, and the 5C may debut on September 6.


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