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Brother brings the “bigger picture” to users with new line of printers

Sure, most people do not exactly relish the idea of having a 'big brother' watching their every move and waiting to pounce on the slightest sign of discontent, but rest assured that not all 'brothers' are like that. In fact, we can think of at least one other 'brother' who seemingly has the interest of his charges at heart, especially when it comes to dealilng with a very common need found in the lifestyles of most end-user and enterprises; printing. And true enough, this Brother is back once again to help us locals "see the bigger picture" with its new line of monochrome and colour printers that it has launched in a media event held at the Chalk Restaurant today.

In his opening address, Brother International Singapore's managing director, Takeo Shimazu, neatly sums up the goal of today's product launch by describing it as "bringing the best of both worlds in printing solutions for both SOHO and business users", and that includes helping them to see "the bigger picture". 

"Brother is very excited to showcase the latest additions to its family of multifunction printers. These new printers are capable of expanding business possibilities for SMBs and SOHOs with their all-rounded capabilities," he said, in reference to the new A4 monochrome multifunction printers and A3 colour inkjet multifunction printers that Brother is launching today. 

"The new monochrome MFCs stand out from the competition with their quality black-and-white prints, minimal costs and excellent value for money…and today, after continous research, improvements and innovation, Brother is proud to launch the successors to its line of full-colour A3 multifunction inkjet printers. These new printers will cater to the needs of professionals, especially for those working in the engineering and creative industries," he added.

Also available at the event was Brother International Singapore's director and general manager, Tomoyuki Fujimoto, who proceeded to describe some of the features avaiable for users to take advantage of in order to improve their workflow, such as automatic double-sided printing, lower power consumption, faster print speeds and support for mobile printing via smartphones and tablet devices.

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