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Broadcom launches new SoC for smartphones, boasts 1080p video playback

Do you remember the days where totting a smartphone that boasted Qualcomm's Snapdragon platform and single-core Scorpion processor was an instant passport to large amounts of geek credentials? Well, it appears that the days of single-core processors on smartphone are all but gone, and Broadcom apparently seems to think so. After all, why else would the company launch a new dual-core System on a Chip for specially designed for high-performance smartphone computing?

Barely as 18 months ago, single-core computing on a mobile Internet device such as smartphones were considered as the only viable method that provided users with just the right mix of power and energy drain.. After all, one must remember that smartphones were originally intended to be used as business tools and not as fashion statements or mobile entertainment devices.

Fast forward to the present, and today the smartphone has moved from being a mobile business tool to a mobile entertainment device for consumers, thanks to the introduction of the iPhone. Needless to say, the average consumer is never the smartest kid on the block, since their job mostly comprises sitting around and making unreasonable demands from OEMs and hardware developers under the pretext of spurring innovation. And with dual-core processors starting to find their way into smartphones thanks to 'consumer demands', it seems that Broadcom is not about to let itself fall behind. Indeed, the company has just announced its own dual-core System on a Chip which is specially targeted for high performance smartphones.

In an announcement posted on its product page, Broadcom claims that the new  BCM28150 smartphone processor is an "advanced 1080p Multimedia Smartphone System on a chip (SoC)" which features a dual-core processor based off the ARM Cortex A9 architecture. The processor cores reportedly utilizes Broadcom's proprietary Merlyn app processor and VideoCore IV mobile graphics to provide fast and seamless hardware-acceleration of 1080p video content and 3D games at the smartphone's native resolution.

And since a smartphone SoC is mostly useless if it does support commonly-used wireless communication protocols, it should probably be of no surprise that Broadcom has taken steps to ensure that its SoC plays nice with existing standards. Accordind to the company, the BCM28150 features built-in support for EDGE, WCDMA, 4G HSPA+ and HSDPA, and is intended to be used with the Android operating system, although Broadcom has claimed that the SoC will also work with other open mobile operating systems.

Last but not least, Broadcom has confirmed that the complete BCM28150 smartphone platform (currently codenamed Broadstone) will include the following hardware: the 40nm BCM28150 HSPA+ system-on-a-chip (SoC) smartphone processor, the BCM2091 radio frequency (RF) IC, the BCM59056 advanced power management unit (PMU) with charger and audio support and Broadcom's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM, A-GPS and NFC connectivity technologies.

Technical specifications are as listed below:

Source: Broadcom

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