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‘Breaking Bad’ breaks piracy records

Research by TorrentFreak shows that 500,000 people downloaded the finale within the first 12 hours of it being online.


The last episode in the saga of Walter White’s meth empire set piracy records, according to TorrentFreak.

Data gathered by the Bittorrent news website shows that nearly half a million people downloaded Breaking Bad’s finale within the first 12 hours of it being online, making it the most pirated TV show of the year. According to TorrentFreak’s (statistically significant) sampling size of 10,000 of the downloaders, the largest group came from Australia with 18 percent in total. The United States and the United Kingdom were next, with 14.5 and 9.3 percent respectively. Next came Canada with 5.7 percent, and then India with 5.1 percent. The top city for downloaders was Melbourne, with 5.4 percent of all traffic, then London, with 3.4 percent.

In countries where piracy is the most rampant, aside from the United States and Canada, there isn’t an option to watch Breaking Bad on basic cable when its live in the U.S. In Australia, Breaking Bad is on the expensive pay TV channel FoxTel, and in the UK the only way to watch is on Netflix (which showed the episodes the day after they aired in the US). Often torrent websites have episodes of popular television shows up within minutes of them airing on the East Coast of the United States.

Game of Thrones still holds the record for the most pirated television show with more than170,000 people sharing a single copy.

Source: TorrentFreak

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