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Own-brand HTC tablet rumors resurface, but launch still down the line

“Based” on the Google-endorsed Nexus 9, this is unlikely to see daylight in Q1.


Anointed the heir of mobile speculation king @evleaks a while back, when the legend announced his retirement, @upleaks raised a few eyebrows with his own deluge of sometimes questionable, sometimes risky, almost always exclusive exposés.

Ultimately, he more than proved his worth and credibility with inside information on unreleased HTC gear that only a man with solid connections could be privy to. So now, it’s becoming hard to doubt him instead of the other way around, especially when talking of things numerous sources hinted at before.

Like HTC’s newfound faith in Android tablets. After missing from the niche a good three years, the Taiwanese made their comeback last fall, backed by Google. Not quite as cheap as previous large Nexus iterations, but far handsomer and punchier, the Nexus 9 easily found its place in the uber-competitive gadget décor, selling enough to warrant a sequel.


More like a spin-off, @upleaks suggests, with the 1st HTC branded tablet… in a while tipped to boast “almost same” dimensions as the N9, but different specs. Better, we presume, since company execs went on record time and time again to stress they’re not looking to add to the pile.

They want to stand out, to dominate and lead, and if that means pricing the Nexus 9 “cousin” in iPad Air’s ballpark, so be it.

What’s perhaps more intriguing, and in a way distressing, is HTC reportedly explored entries in the 7 and 12-inch market segments, before cancelling the T7 and T12. So while they clearly want to branch out and boost product diversity, they remain cautious as to not repeat the painful Jetstream and Flyer flops.

Today’s last nugget of intel signals prudence as well, with the unnamed soon-to-be Nexus 9-like pad due out after the end of the year’s first fiscal quarter. Mind you, that could mean April, May, September or even December.

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