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Brainy Arkies: The Best Learning App for Kids?

Learn by playing. That’s what I call a win-win situation. Brainy Arkies, a civilisation style learning game for kids seeks to do just that. Backed by Marshall Cavendish, this learning app doesn’t hold back and it goes all out to ensure your child really learns as he games.


I’m pretty rusty at Math

We all hate doing assessment books. Doing question after question of long division and word problems on that dreaded book is incredibly boring. So why not make a game out of it, with cute little characters?
In Brainy Arkies, you get to build your very own civilisation in the stone age and advance as you solve all kinds of questions. As you learn, your characters level up as well. Your civilisation, grows along with you. This acts as an incentive for kids to keep on playing. After all, nobody dislikes leveling up don’t they.



Parents can create an account as well, to check in on and monitor their child’s progress. They have to pay a subscription to do so after a 2 week trial.



There is also a social aspect to the game. You can visit your friends’ civilisations and like their settlement to encourage them. Everyone loves likes, on Instagram and Facebook. So naturally, which child wouldn’t like another player to like theirs?

The greatest thing about Brainy Arkies is perhaps the ability to do something called Adaptive Learning. If you get questions of a certain difficulty right, you can do more difficult ones, if you are weak at certain areas, the game dials down the difficulty of these questions automatically so as to not hurt the child’s self-esteem, which can discourage learning and form an in-built dislike for learning.

I’m not a primary school child, but I do see the appeal of Brainy Arkies. The idea of building up a civilisation and social learning is great. The ability to allow parents to track and monitor their progress is awesome too, after all, the inclusion of parents in learning has always proven to be a huge factor in a child’s success.

If you’re a parent, I strongly encourage you to try out Brainy Arkies, maybe just for 2 weeks and see how it goes from there.

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