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Brace yourselves – ‘premium new Lumias designed for Windows 10’ are coming

Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group, just put to rest all speculation regarding the company’s shaky high-end mobile future.


The Lumia 1030 and 940 have made the rumor rounds essentially ever since Nokia’s handheld business was transferred to Redmond. It didn’t even cross people’s minds that MS could throw in the towel without further fight in the smartphone flagship arena.

Until thousands of veteran mobile employees were laid off, and a voluntary one-time financial hit was taken. Clearly, the Lumia roster faces a big reshuffle and streamlining effort, and considering entry-level family members always surpassed the mainstream popularity of their more gifted siblings, the latter division is in deep trouble.

But CEO Satya Nadella recently insisted his team of chiefly software-specialized engineers will remain focused on three different classes of portable hardware: low-end, business-centric and top-tier. For at least two more years, inside sources say.

And now another high-ranking official chimes in, with additional pledges of Microsoft’s short-term commitment to iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 “killers”. In Terry Myerson’s own words during an Orlando-set Worldwide Partner Conference Keynote pitch, “soon you will see new premium Lumias designed for Windows 10.”

Lumia 940 940 XL

The use of the plural is definitely intriguing, and suggests either the Lumia 1030 is back on the table alongside the imminent 940, or that indeed the latter shall debut in two flavors, including a jumbo-sized variant.

As for how “soon” might the long-awaited new flagships roll out, Mary Jo Foley “bets” on “this fall.” Who is this Foley character? Oh, just the authoritative source in matters of Microsoft releases and timetables. She also wagers on a fall ETA for the Surface Pro 4, so following that somewhat dull IFA gathering, we could be looking at quite a glamorous, eventful next few weeks on the Windows 10 front.

Finally, in case you’re wondering exactly what Lumias “designed” for Windows 10 means, we have two words for you: biometric authentication. Also, octa-core power. And of course, the silky smoothest mobile software MS has ever been capable of producing. Now tell us you’re not intrigued, at the very least.

Source: WM Poweruser

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