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Brace yourselves, Apple’s new iPads are coming on October 22

As the excitement surrounding the spanking new iPhone 5c and 5s looks to be dying down (except for iPhone gold, because gold is best), it’s finally time for the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 to claim their spots in the limelight.


Not that the two haven’t been in the center of attention so far. But they’ve been mostly overshadowed by their petite cousins, even when they cheekily smiled to the camera or when their upgraded cameras and fingerprint scanners were rumored.

Only starting now, Apple’s fresh iPad duo will not be ignored. As we’re closing in on iPad 4 and iPad Mini’s first-year anniversaries, the sequels can only be right around the corner. But how close? Well, according to some, six days away, whereas according to others, namely AllThingsD, 13 days away.

In other words, the highly anticipated iPad event will go down on October 15 or one week later, on the 22nd. Which of the two seems more plausible? The latter, for two simple reasons. One, if the unveiling was really less than a week away, we would have seen press invites leaked online by now.


And two, October 22 just happens to be D-Day for a bunch of new Nokia Lumias and Ashas and there’s nothing Cupertino likes better than pounding a nail in the coffin of a once mighty adversary for mobile gold.

With that out of the way, let’s also mention Apple’s fall event will probably take place in one of two venues: the Cupertino Town Hall Auditorium or San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Finally, you can get a few refreshers on the latest iPad 5/iPad Mini 2 gossip here, here and here. Oh, and don’t forget the MacBook Pro line is due for a rehash, while OS X Mavericks, announced already, is to be further detailed and possibly launched by the end of the month. In short, exciting things await those of you head over heels with Apple.

Source: AllThingsD

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