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Box unveils Notes, a collaborative note-taking service

Box is known for its cloud-sharing services. Today it announced that it is diversifying into content creation by launching Box Notes, a service that lets users collaboratively edit and share notes.

Box Notes service

The service is similar to Google Docs and Evernote, and allows users to take notes directly from within the Box client. While it will be made available in 2014, you can get a beta invite by registering yourself here.

Box Notes will be free for Box users, and allows teams to create and collaborate documents in real-time.  The service uses a Note Heads feature which is similar to Facebook’s chat heads. When someone is editing a document, their image is shown next to the edit. Users can share their documents through a link, and all data will be securely stored on Box’s servers.

[youtube id=_DLOOO3WHEA width="620" height="360"]

Currently, users can modify the font, size and format, but more features will be added soon. The interface is quite minimalistic, and users can only save their creations on Box for now. Additional utilities like versioning, offline editing, inclusion of images, video and audio assets will make their way onto the service by the time it launches to the public.

The Box platform is known for its security, and is HIPAA certified, which means that organizations can use this service to collaborate on healthcare documents.

“As business becomes increasingly fast-paced, fluid, and mobile, the very nature of information is changing, and the tools businesses use to capture that information need to evolve,”  Box’s CEO Aaron Levie said during the announcement. “To unlock the collective knowledge of organizations, Box needs to not only be a place where people can store and share content, but also a place where they can create and collaborate ideas in real-time across teams.”

Source: Box Notes

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