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Bose Soundlink Mini Review ($329): Premium Power

You say Bose; we hear audio. Everyone knows how powerful Bose’s speakers are. Their latest Bluetooth powerhouse, the Soundlink Mini, is a portable device that’s expensive, but incredible. This mini showstopper is a force to be reckoned with.



Think of it as a miniature soundbar that’s actually short and compacted. The Bose Soundlink Mini isn’t exactly light, but its portable.

The matte black design of Bose speakers is rather characteristic and modern. It seems to be a tad masculine, fitting nicely in any home audio system, but it does not stand out much if you want something that’s “hipster-ish”.


It has a power button, volume controls and of course a Bluetooth button on the top of the speaker for pairing purposes.

If you like a dark and sleek looking device, the Bose Soundlink Mini can be a remarkable speaker that suits your needs.



Amazing. There’s nothing else to say about it. This all-rounded device is one of the most awesome portable speakers I ever had the luxury of getting my hands on thanks to its digital signal processor (DSP) hardware.


Rich and impactful. The bass of the Soundlink Mini gives off a very studio and 3D feel that most speakers this size are unable to replicate. Of course, the Mini is dense for a portable speaker, so you would expect a powerful bass. There isn’t any empty or hollow feel when it comes to the bass, not at all.


The mids sound good, but not show-stopping compared to the highs or the bass, but the bridging between the higher and lower frequencies is definitely done well.


The highs are quite crisp, it doesn’t have a very cold or hissing noise produced when you crank up the volume, so that’s quite a good thing. It does feel a little masked by the powerful bass, which remains a highlight of the Soundlink Mini, but if you play acoustic-only songs, the highs are more than satisfactory.


Sweet and clear. Vocal fidelity is good, but I personally feel that pure acoustic music may not be the best fit for this speaker. You do get that crystal clarity you want from the vocals and guitars, but it’s much better if you get a mix of acoustic instruments and percussions. In layman’s terms, try The Script over Boyce Avenue if you really want to enjoy a warm atmosphere for your next gathering.


Battery Life


Bose claims that the device gives you about 7 hours of playtime, which is above average for an ordinary portable speaker. It’s not like a huge wow factor, but it definitely serves the purpose and you should be able to play it for a long duration without any issues at all.

Recharging it takes around 2-3 hours which is fair enough for sure.



Bose’s speakers are definitely top-notch without a doubt. Comparing speakers this price, I wouldn’t dare say that it’s the best speaker for this price since Bose isn’t exactly well-known for being value-for-money. There are a couple of speakers like those from UE that is able to match the Soundlink Mini.

For $329, it’s definitely a good buy, which is why it’s one of the best-selling devices in Singapore right now.

Zayne Seah
A tech geek going beyond specs.

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