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BE Bop: Affordable Wireless Earbuds With a Twist

On this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature BE Bop. A pair of wireless earbuds which allows you to not only listen to stereo quality music, but also receive calls and communicate with Siri. Ready to use right out of the box, the BE Bop is designed to be easy to operate and connects to your device via Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

Image Credit: BE Bop

Similar in concept as Samsung’s Gear IconX, the BE Bop is that but a little more. Providing stereo quality music, the BE Bop as a pair of wireless earbuds which is crafted to fit any size of ear. Another plus feature, for those who have the habit of forgetting to charge their devices, you will be glad to know that the BE Bop is capable of playing up to 3 hours of music, on a single charge (which only takes an hour). Its accompanying charging vessel is able to hold enough juice, to fully recharge your BE Bop up to 4 times on-the-go.

Addressing a slightly major concern for fitness buffs and those with slightly small or large ears, who often face difficulty in finding earbuds that fit, the BE Bop comes with Fit Tech Tips and Foil. With these two accessories combined, it ensures the earbuds stay securely in place without dropping or shifting – even when you are out for a run or cycling adventure.

Image Credit: BE Bop

Equipped with an in-built microphone, you can now bid goodbye to talking to your Smartphone awkwardly in public with your earbuds on. This allows you to pick up calls and communicate with Siri completely hands free and without wiping out your device. Aside from the aforementioned features, the BE Bop is pretty affordable to boot. While other big technology brands are charging more than SG$200 a pair, the BE Bop costs approximately 40% cheaper while still providing you with great stereo sound.

Image Credit: BE Bop
Image Credit: BE Bop

Technical Specifications

Battery Size: 40mAh

Hours of Playback: 3 Hours

Charging Time: 1 Hour

Weight (Earbuds): 5.8g

Weight (Earbud + Charging Vessel): 28g

Charging Cable: micro-USB


For someone who is price conscious and wants the best bang for my buck, the BE Bop certainly fits my bill to have a stylish pair of wireless earbuds. A great product to consider if you are looking to purchase the new iPhone 7 which has no audio jack. However, it is basic. Unlike some other wireless earbuds currently in the market, the BE Bop does not include any fitness monitoring capabilities – which may make it slightly unattractive for those who are fitness buffs.

Image Credit: BE Bop
Image Credit: BE Bop

Availability and Price

Even though the BE Bop has recently started their campaign, they have already been fully funded! Early bird pledges are still available and affordably priced at SG$121 (US$). This early bird pledge will get you 1 set of BE-Bop wireless earbuds with its accompanying charger and accessories. International shipping is at an additional flat rate charge of SG$19 (US$14). All orders look to start shipping by 1 December, making this just in time for Christmas!  

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