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B&O PLAY Launches Beoplay A2 Active



B&O, the leading audio company in today’s tech industry has launched the A2 Active, a new addition to its robust line of portable speaker.

Coming in at 1.1kg, the A2 Active isn’t a light device, but it comes with a luxurious leather strap to make carrying it around to parties much more convenient. Built in grey and green, the A2 Active looks rather premium as opposed to chic and hipster.


Interestingly, these straps you use to carry the Active around are inspired by durable watch straps used by British soldiers in WWII.

Incredible Battery Life

Let’s face it guys, we are kind of lazy to charge our devices. The Beoplay A2 understands this, making use of its heavier weight and larger size to give you a huge battery capable of 24 hours worth of audio playback.


Customisable Sound with Beoplay App

If you own an Android smartphone, iPhone or Apple Watch. You can pair up 2 of the A2 Active speakers to give you a DIY stereo or ambience setup. Do you want the ambience of a Lounge, Party or Podcast? The choice is yours.

Price and Availability

The 2 colours which the Beoplay A2 Active will retail in will be the Natural and Stone Grey variants that will be available for a S$549 SRP.

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