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B&O’s new ‘Cool Modern Collection’ – Brass is the new gold.


If you’re into everything Art Deco (and fabulously rich), check out this new collection from Bang & Olufsen. Known for staying at the forefront of cutting edge tech and design, the Danish brand promises to bring a ‘warm brass tone’ into your living room with their new ‘Cool Modern Collection’.


Brass is commonly used in wind instruments like the Saxophone, but B&O had chosen not to use real brass, but aluminium in a brass tone. The result? A product range that is immediately familiar yet imbued with a fresh, earthy hue.



The highlight of this collection is the much vaunted BeoVision 14 UHD 4K TV, with precisely-crafted Oak lamellas for its speaker grills. You may select alternative fabric grills in different shades that include new colours like ‘Purple Heart’ and the velvety blue ‘Parisian Night’.

No home solution is complete without immersive sound. You’ll have sound options ranging from the iconic BeoLab 90 right down to the stunning BeoSound 1 and 2 speakers – now also available in Brass.

This all sounds very tempting, right? Not so fast! A standard B&O 5.1 Home Theatre Set up (including BeoVision 14 TV) will cost easily up to S$60,000 – far more than a decent Full Home Theatre set up with all the latest bells and whistles! Prices for the ‘Cool Modern Collection’ are the same as the standard ones. So go ahead, click here to to take in the sights.

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