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Blizzard Facing Legal Trouble Over Diablo III

Blizzard is facing serious legal trouble from consumer rights groups in Europe and Asia over its newest game, Diablo III.

Blizzard expected an outpouring of support from gamers and media with the release of Diablo 3; after years of development and speculation it was finally released, but not to the joyous adoration that Blizzard expected. Now, the company is facing a looming legal battle on opposite sides of the globe over what should have been another jewel in the crown of Blizzard’s achievements.

PCGamesN has reported that the German body of the Federation of Consumer Organizations is threatening legal action against Blizzard if the company doesn’t begin highlighting the requirement of a persistent internet connection in order to play the game on the game’s packaging; the constant internet connection and server difficulties are one of the biggest complaints gamers had about Blizzard’s newest game. The German FCO has given Blizzard a July 27th deadline to respond; otherwise the group will begin seeking a legal resolution.

In addition to the European threat, South Korean authorities have issued a fine of $7,000 for its failure to refund customers who suffered from the infamous Error 37, a server error caused by too many players being logged on at once which caused the game to be completely unplayable, even in single-player mode. Adding to these troubles are reports over the past few days of bugs players can exploit for major profit or advancement within the game that Blizzard has so far been unable to fix.

Two of the exploits currently known are a bug with the wizard character’s spells where the player is able to make him permanently invulnerable. The other exploit is similar, involving barbarian characters being able to artificially boost their stats. While these issues would be annoyances in other games, in Diablo III players are able to sell their unwanted or unneeded items in the Auction House for in-game gold or real-world cash, and these exploits give those players a completely unfair advantage.

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