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Blackstone looks for partners to privatize Dell

The Blackstone Group LP is looking for tech partners to do a bid for Dell and privatize the computer maker.

The Blackstone Group, LP is looking to purchase Dell, Inc. and are currently looking for partners in the tech industry in order to place a bid on the computer maker and hopefully privatize it. No potential partners in the bid have been been disclosed yet, but in all likelihood, they would receive deciding power, both in Dell's future strategies and in their financials. Blackstone has discussed a number of different scenarios for the bid, including an equity stake, debt financing or a combination of the two.


The Blackstone group is an American alternative asset management group with a private equity business that over the past decade has become one of the largest investors in leveraged buyouts. They have been investments in Hilton, United Biscuits, Vivint and Travelport among others, and since it's IPO in 2007, it has become one of the few private equity firms on the stock market.

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