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BlackBerry Tablet To Be Announced Next Week?


The BlackBerry Developer Conference is happening next week in San Francisco, and many speculate that the company may be announcing the rumored BlackBerry Tablet, which is intended to compete with the Apple iPad.

Many manufacturers are coming up with their Tablet devices, like Samsung who recently announced their Galaxy Tab, based on the Android platform. Research In Motion (RIM), maker of BlackBerry smartphones, is also rumored to launch their tablet device to compete with Apple iPad.

Question is whether RIM would announce the BlackBerry tablet at their Developer Conference which is happening in San Francisco next week. Its likely the company will do so since its going to get a lot of attention from developers and media, not to mention, the next big conference from RIM is going to be WES 2011 next year, around April. WES 2011 will be a little late for the announcement if the manufacturer is determined to compete with iPad head-on. On top of that, by announcing the tablet next week, developers will be given a head start about the device and allow them to work on the apps for it.

But we will only know next week if there’s any news about the 7-inch BlackBerry tablet that may come with two built-in cameras.

Source: PC World

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