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BlackBerry sues the makers of Typo iPhone keyboard case

The company believes Typo’s keyboard case is a “blatant infringement” against its keyboard.


BlackBerry still has a loyal fan following that prefers its full QWERTY keyboard touting devices. Those users would find no fault with the company’s keyboards, in fact, BlackBerry is known for making some of the best QWERTY keyboard for mobile devices. Even though the trend has shifted towards fewer keys, some still might prefer the ease of use of a physical keyboard as opposed to a virtual keyboard, which is very prone to accidental taps. The folks at Typo developed a keyboard case for the iPhone, touting a full QWERTY keyboard, currency shortcuts, battery indicator, autocorrect and backlighting. Just one look at the design is enough to bring up BlackBerry in your mind, it is quite similar. The company thinks so too, which is why it has filed suit against Typo.

Steve Zipperstein, BlackBerry’s general counsel and chief legal officer said that the keyboard case constitute a “blatant infringement against BlackBerry’s iconic keyboard,” and wows that the company will vigorously protect its intellectual property against any company that attempts to copy its “unique design.” BlackBerry says that the Typo Keyboard for iPhone violates its intellectual property rights and that it will protect those rights from “blatant copying and infringement.”

Typo has released a statement as well, claiming that the suit “lacks merit.” They will continue with the release of the product, and will also showcase it at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas later this week.

Source: BlackBerry

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