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BlackBerry reportedly planning to launch three new smartphones this year

According to a new report published by CNET, China’s TCL will be making three new smartphones for BlackBerry this year. There is also a possibility of the Palm brand getting revived this year. The info was shared by Nicolas Zibell from TCL Communications in a recent interview.

The DTEK 50 and DTEK 60 smartphones, which were released last year, will be succeeded this year with new models. They will of course be all-touchscreen devices, although it remains to be seen if the new models will continue to be based on existing TCL/Alcatel smartphones. What has been confirmed though, is that the new models will be getting rid of the DTEK branding.

The Palm brand name was acquired by TCL in January 2015, but the company is yet to launch any smartphone with the Palm branding. While Zibell did not confirm any plans, he did hint at a major announcement later this year. “We don’t do things by mistake,” Zibell said. “Stay tuned.”

TCL’s main goal for this year however, will be on reviving the BlackBerry brand. The company’s Android-powered smartphones haven’t fared that well commercially, mainly due to the high launch prices. Provided the new BlackBerry-branded smartphones to be launched this year are priced sensibly, the BlackBerry brand does have a chance of at least sticking around for a long time.

Source: CNET



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