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BlackBerry puts foot in mouth by indirectly endorsing iPhones on Twitter

It’s not the first time someone in John Chen’s camp screws up, but it’s perhaps the most hurtful recent PR incident, originating on BB’s official Twitter account.

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Remember a couple of years ago, when BlackBerry’s then newly appointed “Creative Director”, musician Alicia Keys, tweeted via an iPhone, divulging what we all suspected – that you couldn’t even pay people to use BB’s horrendous handhelds on a daily basis?

As ludicrous as it probably seemed at the time, the floundering Canadian mobile giant somehow pulled off a comeback of sorts, not quite reaching Apple contender status yet, but clearly raising the profile of its smartphone lineup with the Passport and Classic.

Given it’s not such a pain to rock a BlackBerry anymore, you’d think at least company employees would abstain from backing the competition. But whoever was in charge of the device manufacturer’s Twitter handle on January 13 maintains his or hers dislike of BB gear, and isn’t afraid to show it.

Or is simply too dim-witted to be able to hide it. For crying out loud, everyone that’s ever used an iPhone or Android, plus a Twitter app like TweetDeck knows 140-character messages sent on-the-go will leave traces of the platform they were dispatched from.

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So yeah, a straightforward, dry, otherwise uninteresting appeal for the BlackBerry Classic, and “keeping up with the conversation on @twitter” on the QWERTY-sporting gadget, turned into a really big deal when the “via Twitter for iPhone” tag was noticed.

Of course, BB quickly realized what it had done, and promptly deleted the tweet, but nothing can truly be wiped out from the web. There are screenshots sending the snafu straight into the PR hall of shame, and blaming the blunder on another hack attack won’t make things right.

The fact of the matter is, BlackBerry, you’re working with PR amateurs, and if you want to get back into box-office winning form, your every department needs to step it up.

Source: The Verge

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