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BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone and Android launch page goes live briefly

Recent leaks have suggested that Android and iPhone users will be able to use BlackBerry Messenger very soon, and a brief appearance of the app’s landing page further confirms its imminent arrival.

The landing page isn’t accessible anymore and instead redirects to a sign-up page for being notified about BBM’s official launch, but in the brief time it was up, it had a lot of placeholder graphics, along with not-working links to download the Android and iPhone apps.

The page also had links to the user guides for the app, the same ones which leaked on the company’s official website a few days ago. Something worth noting is that the landing page mentioned “BBM for iPhone” instead of iOS, so it is possible that iPad owners will be left out of the fun; Android tablets probably won’t be supported either, but since Android doesn’t differentiate between phone and tablet apps, that limitation likely won’t be visible unless someone visits the BBM Play Store page on an Android tablet.


Considering the leaked user guides, commencement of beta testing, and now the landing page, don’t be surprised if you wake up tomorrow and find BBM for Android and iPhone available for download on the respective app stores. Be sure to visit the source link and sign up to be notified of BBM’s cross-platform launch if you’re interested.

Via: CrackBerry | Source: BlackBerry

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