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BlackBerry Messenger hits 100 million downloads on Google Play

Android users seem to have taken a liking to BlackBerry’s messaging service. 


BlackBerry made a much needed move by releasing the BBM service on Android and iOS back in 2013, as the app met with considerable success within a short span of leaving its exclusivity on BlackBerry smartphones. It looks like the excitement around BBM never died down on Android, as the app has now achieved the milestone of having been downloaded more than 100 million times.

According to BlackBerry, this has put BBM in the “top tier of t messaging apps on Google Play”, and given it only took around a year and five months for the app to achieve such a high downloads figure, it’s hard to argue that BBM is in rather high demand. It remains to be seen just how many active users BlackBerry has been able to retain, but even if most users did download and delete the app after trying it out, the downloads milestone is still a good indication that BlackBerry made a great decision by bringing BBM to the modern smartphone operating systems.

Source: BlackBerry

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