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BlackBerry considers letting go 40 percent of workforce

BlackBerry may lay off up to 40 percent of its workforce, according to the Wall Street Journal.


The Canadian handset maker has been treading shark infested waters ever since Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android product clicked with consumers.  The company is barely hanging on as smartphone shoppers continue to overlook BlackBerry’s latest handsets and OS.

Internally, it must have been hard on those that have been with BlackBerry (formerly RIM) for quite some time.  Working on tight budgets and facing scrutiny from the masses doesn’t seem like an appealing position to be in, and when the layoff news start coming around that must be the ultimate kicker to the soft spot.

BlackBerry officials did not confirm the massive job cut, but a company spokesperson was quoted as saying that “organizational moves will continue to occur to ensure [they] have the right people in the right roles to drive new opportunities in mobile computing.”

Source: Wall Street Journal

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