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Blackberry 10.2 screenshots shows off new features, official update coming soon

This morning, we were treated to leaked screenshots of the upcoming Blackberry 10.2 OS update, showcasing many of the planned features that the next BB10 platform update will bring to all existing devices.

blackberry z10 BB10.2

Blackberry 10.2, the next planned update to the BB10 platform, is almost upon us. With leaks dating back to several months back, we finally have leaked screenshots of a working Blackberry OS for your viewing pleasure. (We have previously covered some of the new features in BB 10.2 here).

Leaked-screenshots-of-BlackBerry-10.2 (4)

Notable changes with Blackberry 10.2:

  • Level 1 Notifications (for emails)
  • Standard Unicode Emojis
  • Multiple Alarms
  • Updated Settings app and WiFi Direct
  • Peer-to-peer WiFi Connectivity
  • Toast (Pop-up Notifications), reply to texts by sliding notifications down

Leaked-screenshots-of-BlackBerry-10.2 (9)

With a working build and leaked screenshots, the final update couldn’t be too far. Blackberry really needs a lot going for it, with the recent (and unimpressive) financial announcements as well as the abandonment of Playbook tablets not going too well with the consumers.

Source: Crackberry forums via Berry Review

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