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Black Friday not kind to everyone – consumer electronic sales fell 5.6%

One of the biggest draws to the huge Black Friday Sales that happen every year has typically seen massive numbers when it came to consumer electronics. However this year's Black Friday saw a reversal of those numbers as consumers didn't appear to be buying as many electronics.

Every year in the US there is this tradition called Black Friday insanity which is when everyone and their brother (and mother, father, aunts and uncles) all head to the big chain store for insane midnight sales as well as all kinds of mayhem if the police reports are any indications.

Pushing and shoving aside this is a big time of the year for merchants in the lead up to the Christmas holiday shopping sprees so a lot is made of the numbers generated out of the sales made during that time, especially when it comes t o consumer electronics.

However this year held some bad news for merchants as outlined in the recently released report from The NPD Group with the overall sale of consumer electronics dropping by 5.6% over last year on Black Friday.

“This slow start is merely a continuation of the challenges seen in the consumer electronics business throughout 2012,” Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis at NPD, said. “In an unbalanced market, where just a few categories deliver significant dollars, and even fewer offer any growth, the ability to deliver positive results will remain difficult for companies exposed to the entire consumer electronics marketplace.”

The report also goes on to state that even though televisions, Android tablets, and PC were the most purchased items the flat panel revenue fell by 6 percent. Notebook computer sales fell, as well, by 10 percent with even the sales of Apple's laptops remaining flat.

You can read the complete NPD Group report here

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