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Bixi: Smart In-Air Gesture Controller

On this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature Bixi. A Smart in-air gesture controller, which allows you to control other Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected electronic devices. From brands like Sony, Apple TV, Spotify to WEMO, Bixi is able to control them all without physical contact! Think of it as a portable Smart universal remote control which allows you to “magically” control other devices, at a simple wave of your hand.

Image Credit: Bixi

Measuring just 69 x 59mm small, weighing 30g and with a battery life that can last up to 2 months, the Bixi is ultra-portable as compared to other gesture controllers in its class – Myo or LEAP Motion. Built for those whose hands are constantly busy, dirty or just for the compulsive lazy bum – like yours truly. Think about all the times when your hands were busy and you wished that you could somehow control your electronic device. Like the time when you were baking and needed to refer to the recipe on your iPad, or answer an important phone call while driving and flip to the next slide when presenting at a meeting.

Image Credit: Bixi

This is not a gimmick and no magic involved here. No button pressing or physical touch necessary, let Bixi’s in-built sensor do the work. It is able to read up to 8 different hand gestures (set to increase in the future) as long as they are within 25cm of the device’s range. Be it a wave, tap or double tap Bixi is able to control the brightness of your lights, stereo volume, change of song or even turning on Smart coffee machine in the mornings. A small limitation is that it cannot control all your Smart devices at the same time. However, it is able to control up to two and these can be changed at any time through its companion mobile application.

Image Credit: Bixi

Bixi’s companion mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS devices allows you to customise your gestures, pair devices and acts as the node to controlling your devices. The sensors read your hand gesture, transfer the signal to the companion mobile application, this application then reads the signal and finally delivers the command to the device through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Look Ma! No Hands!

Image Credit: Bixi

Availability and Price

Already fully funded and slightly over a month to go on its campaign, the Bixi is great for anyone who wants to get a start adopting connected technology. The Bixi is currently priced at SG$110 (US$79), this package includes 1 basic Bixi in a colour of your choice (Black, Pink and Turquoise). International shipping is at an additional flat rate of SG$21 (US$15).

Those who are looking for accessories to match, the Bixi bicycle mount is going for an additional SG$28 (US$20) and the car mount magnet at an additional SG$7 (US$5). Deliveries for the accessories will be made separately from the Bixi, but within the same month. All orders look to be fulfilled by March 2017.

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