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BitTorrent’s ‘Bleep’ messaging service now available on iOS and Android


BitTorrent announced its Bleep instant messenger service last year but so far it wasn’t available to the general public. That changes today as BitTorrent has made the messaging client available to the public.

Bleep is a peer-to-peer messaging app, which means it is completely secure and there is no risk of hacking, at least in theory. It also comes with end-to-end encryption and allows you to send messages to contacts that will automatically be deleted after 25 seconds. Another impressive security feature is the protection against screenshots. If someone tries to capture a screenshot of an image or message you had sent to him/her, the app will block the username of the sender. In any case, nobody will be able to view both the username and the text (or image) at the same time

The app also offers voice calling feature, similar to most other leading messaging services. However, what sets Bleep apart is that voice conversations are encrypted as well, which means your voice calls will be private too. To sign up to Bleep, all you will need is a username. No other details are required to sign up.

Source: BitTorrent

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