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BIOSTAR GK3 is the company’s first mechanical gaming keyboard


BIOSTAR today expanded its gaming peripheral lineup with the announcement of its first ever keyboard gamers – GK3 mechanical gaming keyboard. The company claims that its latest product combines all the key elements that gamers need. Aimed at the masses, the GK3 mechanical gaming keyboard promises high durability and responsiveness.

The GK3’s main body is made out of an aluminum metallic material, with an exquisite attention to quality. In addition to offering a solid build quality, the GK3 is waterproof and dust proof as well, with swappable keycaps. The drain holes in the keyboard protect against spills, while the PCB and the electronics on the underside of the internals are protected by a special waterproof coating. The sloped design of the keyboard also helps channel water away for easy clean up.

BIOSTAR is using OUTEMU blue switches on the GK3, rated for 50 million actuations with features such as anti-ghosting. It also features 7 backlight modes (Starlight, Wave, Breathing, Ripple, Static, Single, Adjustable), letting gamers customize the keyboard lighting as per their preference or choose from any of the pre-defined lighting styles for popular titles such as COD, LOL or other similar games.


While BIOSTAR hasn’t announced any info yet regarding availability, the keyboard will carry an MSRP of $44.99 in the United States. That’s pretty aggressive pricing, especially considering the fact that mechanical gaming keyboards aren’t traditionally very affordable. That said, many of you might not be very pleased with BIOSTAR’s choice of going with OUTEMU blue switches with the GK3.

Via: TechPowerUp

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