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BioShock: Infinite Review

Irrational Games' third chapter in the critically acclaimed BioShock series is here; does it soar in the heavens or does it fall from grace? Jump in to find out!

Developer: Irrational Games, Human Head Studios
Publisher: 2K Games
Platform: Xbox 360 (Reviewed), PS3, PC
Genre: Action Adventure, FPS
MSRP: $59.99
With BioShock: Infinite, Irrational Games has brought a visual masterpiece that introduces gamers to a vibrant and sprawling world rife with impressive features and gameplay mechanics. With a story full of mystery and dynamic plot arcs, BioShock: Infinite takes players on a timeless journey through the heavens and the very fabric of time and reality.
The last two chapters of Irrational's fan-favorite BioShock series took players to the Atlantean undersea city of Rapture, which made use of a variety of mythical and symbolic representations that culminated in a fantastically original environment to behold.
Two of Columbia's soldiers stand watch, no-doubt looking for Vox Populi anarchists.
Now gamers are taken to the sunlit sky-city of Columbia, further expounding upon many religious themes and cultural symbolism which have been staples of the series since its inception.
BioShock: Infinite has been hailed across the world of gaming as one of the best games of 2013, and for good reason: the game itself encompasses a variety of rich aesthetic elements and a multi-faceted story that's infused with the series' distinct bizarre flair to bring an incredibly original experience to fans across the world.
The game features a multitude of action-oriented gameplay that compliments the dazzling and signature visuals quite nicely, offering a balanced array of breathtaking vistas and explosive FPS gameplay.
Whether you're swinging across Columbia's sky-rails with the new Sky Hook, picking off enemies in a glorious firefight that culminates in a hail of gunshots and bullets, or slinging bolts of electricity with the Shock Jockey Vigor, BioShock: Infinite's combat is infused with exhilarating action that has evolved from its predecessors.
Booker De Witt, the game's protagonist, escorts Elizabeth to safety.
Irrational's new iteration also brings a fully-fleshed cast of characters; from the game's flawed protagonist Booker De Witt to Columbia's tyrannical religious figurehead, Zachary Hale Comstock, each main character and NPC are quite realistic in their behaviors and personas. Their graphical representations and dynamic voices merge to bring a believable set of characters that players can identify with, adding to the allure of the game itself.
All of these elements combine to bring an amazingly original experience to the world of gaming, offering hours upon hours of entertaining gameplay that immerses gamers in a fantastic world full of mystery and magic. From the game's impressive alternate reality that reflects authentic historical events to the original premise of "tears" in the fabric of reality, BioShock: Infinite blends the traditional elements you'd come to expect from a game in the series with a variety of new features that only add to the experience as a whole.

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