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‘BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea’ Episode One arrives on November 12

The first episode of a planned two part DLC, titled “Burial at Sea Episode One” will arrive on November 12 for all platforms. This will be the first DLC to focus more on the story and narrative, set completely apart from the main game’s universe.


“Burial at Sea” will be the first episodic installment of a two part story DLC, as part of the BioShock Infinite Season Pass.

Irrational Games, its developer, have announced the first episode’s release date as November 12 for the Xbox 360, PC and PS3. It will be available for purchase from the Xbox Live Marketplace, Steam and the PSN store respectively.

The follow-up to the first DLC titled “Clash in the Clouds”, “Burial at Sea” is an entirely separate storyline that does not follow the events of the main game; instead it brings you back to the original underwater city of Rapture. Players get to experience the beauty of Rapture before the chaos and horror that follows. Along with the story, players get to meet both new and old characters, with the addition of Infinite’s Sky-Lines and much more. You can get a taste of the five-minute preview for Episode One:

The season pass comes with a total of three DLCs, with the first “Clash in the Clouds” released earlier this year in late July. “Clash in the Clouds” focuses almost entirely on BioShock Infinite‘s not-so-impressive combat gameplay, with arena-styled battles and increasing enemy challenges as the player progresses. It was less story oriented and an attempt to up and improve on the series’ weak combat, which frankly may stand out as the potentially substandard of the three.

With the ending of the original, it gives Irrational Games practically free reign over the story, and this could lead to even more DLCs or spin-off content in the future.

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