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Bing announces the top search terms for 2012

While we might still be a few weeks away from the arrival of 2013 Bing, Microsoft's search engine, has come up with its list of top search terms across 19 categories; and yes there are people who actually use Bing.

It seems that, like Christmas advertising, our end-of-the-year compilation of facts, best of's, and other such mundane things, start arriving earlier every year or at least that is how it appears.

Keeping with this trend Microsoft's search engine Bing has just released its collection of top search terms for 2012 covering 19 different categories. Now I won't bore you with all of them (you can find them all over on the Bing Search Blog) but here's a few of the more popular categories and their top search terms.

People (they should have titled this one the gossip corner list):

  1. Kim Kardasian
  2. Justin Bieber
  3. Miley Cyrus
  4. Rihanna
  5. Lindsay Lohan
  6. Katy Perry
  7. Selena Gomez
  8. Jennifer Aniston
  9. Nicki Minaj
  10. Taylor Swift

Next up the Technology list of top search terms which is actually divided into two sections with the first being Social Media:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Myspace
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Tumblr
  6. Instagram
  7. Reddit
  8. StumbleUpon
  9. Digg
  10. Klout

Following Social Media in the Technology section is Consumer Electronics:

  1. iPhone 5
  2. iPad
  3. Samsung Galaxy S III / Samsung Galaxy S3
  4. Kindle
  5. iPad 3
  6. iPad Touch
  7. Xbox
  8. Playstation 3
  9. iPhone 4S
  10. Windows 8

Of course what would a list of search terms be without the soul destroying world of Reality TV getting its own list, well two actually. First up is Reality TV Stars:

  1. Kim Kardasian
  2. Kloe Kardashian
  3. Kourtney Kardasian
  4. Kate Gosselin
  5. Honey Boo Boo
  6. Snooki
  7. Emily Maynard
  8. Kim Richards
  9. Teresa Giudice

And of course if we have the stars we also Televisions Shows

  1. American Idol
  2. Dancing with the Stars
  3. The Young and the Restless
  4. The Walking Dead
  5. Family Guy
  6. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
  7. Glee
  8. Vampire Diaries
  9. The Bachelor
  10. Game of Thrones

Like I said these are just a couple of the complete list of categories for Bing's selection of top search terms but just in case you are curious here is the complete list of categories:

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go find a bottle of aspirin and book the next flight off of this planet because these lists make me not want to live here anymore.

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