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Bezels begone: Japan-bound LG isai FL phone surfaces with nearly no borders

According to the latest spill of confidential information by @evleaks, one of Japan’s leading wireless carriers will soon nab an LG smartphone called isai FL which apparently boasts a display with microscopic bezels.

LG isai FL

If affordability is China’s thing, innovation is definitely the strong suit of another major Asian mobile market. Remember the first “unapologetic” compact-sized Android flagship device? It rolled out in Japan, and then months later internationally.

How about water-resistant high-end handhelds? Well, they’ve been standard for ages in the Land of the Rising Sun, finally garnering popularity on the Western hemisphere in the past year or so. And the list of groundbreaking features introduced in Japan before anywhere else can go on for hours.

It’s thus fitting that the crusade against bezels is set to enter a new stage in Sony’s homeland, though Korea-based LG will actually unveil possibly the device with the best screen to size ratio. We don’t have a number yet, but the LG isai FL, aka L24, may well cross the 85 percent milestone.

Meanwhile, the LG G2, whose display borders are razor-thin themselves, is about 75 percent all screen.

The bad news is this isai FL is headed to KDDI, Japan’s second biggest operator, and probably nowhere else. But here’s a crazy idea. What if the above pictured L24 will be the aesthetical inspiration for the upcoming, heavily rumored G3?

After all, KDDI’s original isai, aka L22, is basically G2’s twin, physical rear buttons not included. What’s intriguing is the first-gen isai saw daylight in October 2013, so either we’re a long way from seeing its sequel launched, or LG accelerated production for some reason.

The high-res photo evtweeted earlier today speaks volumes about the advantages of shrinking bezels (you know, unrivaled elegance, compact form factors and so on), but at the same time spawns a paramount question: are smartphone users willing to renounce front-facing cameras? Well, are you?

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