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Bethesda announces release date for Dishonored’s final DLC: The Brigmore Witches


Bethesda Softworks has recently announced the official release date for The Brigmore Witches, the third and final DLC add-on for Dishonored, Arkane’s award-winning dystopic first-person action release.

Slated to release on Aug. 13, The Brigmore Witches allows gamers to once again step into the role of legendary assassin Daud, who’s bloody journey began in The Knife of Dunwall DLC and comes to a conclusion with this new tale.

The content pack chronicles the continuation of Daud’s story, introducing a coven of twisted occultists known as the Brigmore Witches as well as two rival gangs–the Dead Eels and the Hatters–that flesh out the game’s already colorful cast of stylish characters.

The Brigmore Witches_Dead_Eel

This tale of woe has Daud in a mad dash to stop Delilah–the lead sorceress behind the Brigmore coven–from enacting a powerful magical spell that threatens to annihilate our anti-hero assassin; but to get to Delilah, Daud must traverse new and dangerous districts of Dunwall that belong to the rival gangs.

Barring annihilation from the spell or getting overrun by a gang of Dead Eels or Hatters, players make use of Daud’s unique arsenal of spells and weaponry to unleash chaos in the streets of Dunwall in an effort to survive–it may all be for naught, though, as Corvo Attano is own the prowl for revenge…and Corvo always finds a way to dish it out.

The Brigmore Witches_Gravehounds

The Brigmore Witches DLC keeps that same distinct Dishonored style while incorporating a range of new enemies and a fresh, original story arc that finishes the tale of one of the most notorious assassins in Dunwall’s history. The witches themselves are fashioned with a signature mix of lethality and stylized flair, and apparently they may be able to summon monsters like gravehounds–or at least command them–and unleash them on players.

The Brigmore Witches is slated for a release on August 13, 2013 for $9.99 (800 MSP) via Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. For more information please visit the game’s official website.

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