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Best parody videos of the iPhone 7 that are so true, it hurts

So Apple has announced the iPhone 7, and responses have been mixed, to say the least. Much to no-one’s surprise, the phone is coming without a headphone jack. Instead, you need to either use headphones through the lightning port or use Bluetooth headphones. Apple does, of course, have the perfect headphones for them, at an extra cost naturally. As an extra kick in the teeth, the choice to remove the jack was described as courageous by Apple VR Phil Schiller.

Pictured: Samsung's next marketing campaign. Image courtesy: imgur.com
Pictured: Samsung’s next marketing campaign. Image courtesy: imgur.com

This move is not courageous, for many very good reasons. Maybe we will have swallowed the pill by this time next year, but in the meantime, it’s good to laugh about this announcement. Here are some of the best responses to the iPhone 7 we could find.

1. What the iPhone will look like next – Mashable

Now that Apple has been brave enough to remove the jack, what will be next? The volume control maybe? The speakers perhaps? Before long we’ll be paying over $1000 for a brick we need to charge. The adaptor will be extra of course.

2. The new iPhone is just worse – Colleghumor (NSFW)

Ever felt like you’ve run out of ideas, so you start just making it up as you go along? Sure feels like Apple have reached that stage. Laugh now, but this could be next year’s keynote.

3. How the iPhone 7 should have been announced – Charles the French

This video works best if you pretend that it’s Shiller’s internal monologue during the presentation. Or we are in the Liar Liar universe and he is incapable of bullshitting anymore.

4. IPHONE 7 PARODY – The a Phone 7! – Samtime

Look at the shiny! It’s black and shiny and we use arty-sounding words to justify buying an overpriced phone. Please stop asking us about the headphone jack and the two cameras.

5. The iPhone 7 (parody) – Richi Rich

At this point, you could feel that Apple is mocking us. The sheer smugness of this video makes me want to smash the screen of my iPhone, but then I would have to get the 7 anyway. Maybe it was all part of the plan? The genius of apple knows no bounds.

Honourable Mentions

These are not iPhone 7 videos, but they are too good to not be included. Apple is a company of innovation and vision. It is also one of the most pretentious institutions of the modern era, so don’t feel bad for laughing at them.

1. IKEA BookBook – Ikea

You know what’s like an iPad, but lasts forever, is expandable, fully interactive and never needs to be recharged? A book. We have truly come full circle.

2. The New Mactini – Peter Serafinowicz

Before we realised that we could actually watch videos on our phones we tried to make them as small as possible. The Mactini is a brilliant idea until the even smaller version comes out next week.

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