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Best Android Apps You Need, But Never Heard Of

Got an Android phone for Christmas, congratulations. Now that you’ve got the latest S7 Edge, or OnePlus 3T, it’s time to arm it with some epic applications. We’re not talking about the standard Facebook, Google Photos, Snapchat, and Instagram, we’re talking about useful apps that you’ve probably never even heard of, like 500px, Plex and Snow.

1. Plex

You downloaded the latest episode of Arrow on your computer, but you’ve only got your smartphone with you on the bus on this long and boring trip, so what do you do? You use Plex, an amazing service which allows you to stream not only music, but movies and dramas that you have on your computer to any screen in your life, be it your smartphone or your tablet. However, you do have to pay $4.99 per month for a Plex Pass subscription.

2. 1Password

If you’ve noticed the number of hacks that have happened in 2016, you know the importance of having a strong and secure password. 1Password helps you with the creation of strong passwords for all your different accounts and well, different ones so you stop using the same old password for every account, from your email to your bank account because that’s simply a security nightmare. By being a password storage centre, 1Password essentially helps you remember all your passwords in 1 convenient location.

3. Google Now Launcher

Credits: Windows Super Site

Want to get back to the basics with a stock Android look? Use Google Now. You don’t need to be the owner of a Pixel or a Nexus phone to do this. Google Now Launcher is the first thing any Android lover should install to revamp the look of his or her smartphone into a clean and dry interface that has Google’s assistant, Google Now built in to give you continuous updates on commuting time, travel information and news updates you actually care about.

4. 500px

Instagram is great, it has pretty pictures, but not gorgeous ones. If you are a serious photographer and you want to walk amongst true photography enthusiasts, 500px is the best app for you. Found also on the web, 500px connects photographers from all over the world and allow them to showcase some of their best works on the app, and trust me, the photos here, blow those on Instagram away.

5. Snow

Credits: Unwire HK

Instagram stories is the most popular Snapchat alternative, but not necessarily the best. Snow, is in fact a Snapchat rival that truly takes on the incumbent fire and forget social media platform. Snow brings your selfie game to the next level, has an insane number of sticker and masks option that outdoes Snapchat itself and has plenty of lenses as well. It’s not all dog filters with Snow, there are bunny ears and more too. One of the best parts about it is the ability to download your selfies for posting to other social media sites such as Facebook and yes, its rival, Snapchat.

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