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Berg Little Printer prints in a big way


Berg Little Printer doesn't produce a whole lot of photographic prints in a minute, but it can bring concise news to you by your bedside, along with some social gossips, if you want. Check out how this small box can pack a big surprise.

Berg, a design studio based in London, has recently unveiled a new printer. No, it is not your typical consumer fare that shows off its infinitely dense dots-per-inch rating or its ultra-fast print speeds for the fast-paced and impatient workforce. The Berg Little Printer is a lifestyle product which may attract people with its fun and personal take on printed matters. No bigger than a Rubik's cube, it serves up your daily subscription of various contents such as news, puzzles, social updates, messages sent from friends, and much more, with the press of a button. All of them will be neatly styled into receipt-sized prints. Management of the subscription can be carried out easily with its included smartphone app, while contents are distributed to the printer via wireless connection and Cloud technology.

The printer itself comes in a minimalist package bearing urban-style design, a rising trend in design-oriented communities. Inside, an inkless thermal printer head does the work and takes away the need to replace cartridges. The prints produced take after the style of graphic design which includes “visual cues from traditional halftone lithography and modern pixel art”. Berg’s product does seem like an elegant marriage of advanced technology and modern styling primarily motivated by human intuition. While it may not be the thing for every geek out there, it is likely to have a fair amount of market appeal, especially to ladies. Unfortunately, pricing and availability details have yet to be revealed, but you can sign up on their mailing list to get the latest updates.

Source: BergCloud, Pocket-lint

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