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BeoSound Shape Officially Launched In Singapore. Got A Spare Wall?

Singapore, 24 August 2017 – The mavens from Bang & Olufsen launched the new BeoSound Shape modular speaker system at Ion Orchard’s Opera Gallery, an upmarket galleria dedicated to Modern Art. It is a modular system that can be artistically arranged in different patterns and colours – and even performs like a live band on your wall. The system is also made to be flexible, giving you the option to start from six tiles, and add more as you need over time.

While being treated to a demo by B&O Singapore’s Head of Sales Soren Kokholm, the BeoSound Shape installation impressed me with wholesome, lifelike sound – in spite of the daunting acoustical challenges presented by this gallery. The gallery’s reflective marble floors and lofty ceilings can really mess up its sound, but the system is designed to adapt to these challenges, by automatically tweaking its audio to cope with even the most challenging room situations.

The complete BeoSound Shape system will comprise of individual tile speakers powered by amplifier tiles. The hexagonal shapes could also serve as sound absorbers to improve the acoustics of your room. (No need for ugly acoustic panels anymore!) The system also includes damper tiles that purely serve as absorbers and fillers for the overall pattern you want to achieve. They also conceal unsightly cables, power strips and adapters.

A small box dubbed the BeoSound Core (included) will serve as your source hub and wireless receiver. You’ll be able to stream your favourites over Airplay, Google Chromecast and Bluetooth – either on its own or as part of a larger BeoLink network. Hard-wire inputs include a standard 3.5mm line-in and a proprietary Power Link input for master B&O products.

Image Courtesy: B&O

They come in six core flavours – Black, Brazilian Clay, Infantry green, Parisian Night blue, Purple Heart, Wild Dove grey. Special colours by Danish Textile maestro Kvadrat include – Brown, moss green, pink, dark blue.

A complete BeoSound Shape system starts from S$7,800, and is now available in Singapore at B&O Grand Hyatt and Takashimaya Showrooms.

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