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BenQ Zowie Shows Off Their Latest eSports Monitors

From a relatively minor movement to a global sport with hundreds of millions watching, eSports have become huge. Consequentially, competitions can win huge cash prizes for winners, and high-end tournaments are watched around the world. Even ESPN, possibly the most famous sports network, has hosted tournaments of DOTA 2 and Heroes of The Storm. Now, making peripherals designed around eSports have become a viable industry. This is what BenQ Zowie is, and yesterday they launched the latest in their line of eSports gaming monitors, the XL2540 and XL2735.

Zowie’s big passion

Throughout the presentation, it was made very clear that these monitors are designed entirely around eSports. As a result, everything is tuned towards getting the most out of your gaming setup.  So how do they achieve this? Well, aside from a massive refresh rate and a screen you can move into virtually any position, the two latest monitors have side covers. These are designed to prevent distraction for the one playing the game. On top of that, these monitors are designed with reflection-free LCD frame to stop glare. This means that these new monitors have a very distinct, professional look.

What was made very clear throughout the presentation was the emphasis on eSports. Prasad Paramajothi, an eSports specialist, and former competitor talked about how everything is designed around removing the ability to blame your hardware for not being good at the game you are playing. BenQ Zowie is about levelling the playing field, at least that is what Paramajothi says.

Image courtesy: BenQ Zowie

Since these monitors are designed for eSports, is BenQ Zowie saying that they don’t want average consumers buying them? Not the case, at least that is what Senior Product Manager Daren Low says. Since eSports is so popular, he says that many consumers like to emulate their team setups. As a result, Low says that they do not serve a particular customer, but any eSports enthusiast. According to Low, anyone who wants to get the most out of their gaming will appreciate these monitors.

Do they work?

Image courtesy: BenQ Zowie

BenQ Zowie had three eSports professionals talk about their experiences using the monitors, and all were full of praise. However, the attending media had a chance to try it out for themselves. Comparing the older line of monitors with the two new monitors, there were some noticeable improvements. The XL2540 has a refresh rate of 240Hz, which drops video lag to a point where I couldn’t notice it. Otherwise, the XL2735 looks gorgeous and full of colour. Compared to my last monitor, which is approaching seven years now, the difference is astounding.

Image courtesy: BenQ Zowie

If you want to emulate the look of professional eSports players, be ready to spend some serious money. The XL2540 is going for S$799, and the XL2735 for S$1,049.  Not cheap, but the passion the company shows when talking about the monitors and the positive feedback from professionals would make it worth it. Check out the official website for more information.

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