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Benchmark your Android with this Hatsune Miku app [video]

Even if you don’t own an Android device, hit the jump to watch Hatsune Miku dance along to the Nyan Cat song!

Even if you don’t own an Android device, hit the jump to watch Hatsune Miku dance along to the Nyan Cat song!

MikuMikuBench is a free Android app that lets you benchmark your device by watching Hatsune Miku dance in sync to that infectiously addictive song (note: all three links are videos containing the Nyan Cat song, differing only in length. Please don’t click on any of them; curiosity won’t kill the Nyan Cat. No, it will only feed the cat).

A frames-per-second count on top lets you know how well your device handles 3D rendering in real-time, and at the end of the song-and-dance you also get a benchmarking score that makes it easy to compare performance between devices.

When not running the benchmark test, you can also freely spin Hatsune Miku around, zoom in and out on the 3D model through “pinch” gestures, and put her in one of a variety of still poses or animated sequences by selecting something from the scrolling menu at the bottom.

Apart from Hatsune Miku, there is also a Kagamine Rin version of this app, called RinRinBench, which is also free to download.

Of course, nobody really expects MikuMikuBench to be reliable for benchmarking purposes. But just in case you’d like to know how well your device does compared to other Androids anyway, Japanese blog Octoba has listed the MikuMikuBench scores for quite a few of them (mostly Japan-only).

– IS03 … 1946
– IS04 … 2361 
– DesireHD … 3093
– Galaxy NEXUS … 3277 (GPU rendering ON)
– Xperia arc … 3884
– ARROWS Z … 3933
– Galaxy Note … 4531

If you’re going to give MikuMikuBench a whirl, do let us know what device you have and how high it scored via comments below.

Source: Octoba

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