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Belkin’s First Lightning-Powered Power Bank Trades Speed for Ease

Belkin has released the world’s first Apple-approved power bank that accepts Lightning input for charging. Called the BoostCharge Power Bank Lightning 10K, It features a 10,000mAh capacity, as well as 2 standard USB ports for output. While the product is not the first power bank in the market featuring a Lightning input, it is certainly the first to be Apple-approved.

Traditionally, most power banks, also known as portable chargers, utilize the commonly found Micro-USB port for charging. While the Micro-USB standard has been the dominant port found on most Android phones, many manufacturers have begun to make the transition to USB-C.

In addition to being reversible like Apple’s lightning conductor, USB-C allows for a wider range of voltages to be used and allows for much greater power to be delivered, thus reducing charging times for both USB-C-equipped devices.

Belkin’s latest power bank is the first Apple certified power bank with Lightning input.

This puts Belkin’s Lightning-equipped portable charger in a unique, yet awkward segment of the market. The Lightning input is certain to please Apple users as they now only need to carry one cable to for both their phone and power bank. However, Apple’s Lightning standard delivers less power than the more modern USB-C standard, thus slowing the charging process.

Furthermore, despite no indication from Apple that it intends to move from its Lighting standard on its mobile devices, it has begun to embrace USB-C as a universal standard and made it the port of choice for its line of MacBooks. This means it is entirely possible that Apple might abandon its beloved connector which has been in service since 2012.

So where does all these leave Belkin’s latest power bank? If you’re mostly on your iPhone and commute regularly, this power bank might be a good buy, as it means you need one less cable to charge your devices and one less port to worry about.

Its 10,000mAh capacity also lets you charge your iPhone multiple times, a handy feature for a busy day out. However, for most other Apple fans, a USB-C power bank might remain as the most practical solution, especially if you already have a Macbook that charges through USB-C as well.

USB-C lets you charge quicker, and does not lock you in to the Apple ecosystem, making it a more worthwhile investment should you choose to hop on to Android in future.

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