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Belkin releases their own extended battery case for the iPhone 5


Belkin hopes to take on the competition with their own version of an extended battery case for the iPhone 5 that promises to double battery life.

Today, well-known accessory manufacturer Belkin has announced their own case for the iPhone 5 with a built in battery. They’re calling it the “Grip Power Battery Case” and as you can see in the pictures below, they look quite similar to Mophie’s offerings, who are their biggest competition.

The Belkin website offers the following specifications and features for the new case:

  • Doubles battery life
  • EarPods compatible
  • Shock-resistant bumper with secure-hold grip
  • Anti-glare camera ring
  • Includes Micro-USB charging cable and headphone adapter
  • 2000 mAh battery capacity


They plan on challenging the competition by offering this for $99, which is about $20 less than the closest Mophie offering. The case is available in a variety of mixed colors with amusing names such as purple lightning/Fountain blue, and Whiteout/Blacktop.

Hit up their store to see how each color looks and also purchase it if it tickles your fancy.

Source: Belkin Via: 9to5Mac

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